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Seeing Types

Human Body Types are easy to recognize and require no special glasses or knowledge, just a new way of observing. Using animals as an example, we have no trouble distinguishing a Great Dane as being a different breed from a Cocker Spaniel or a Bull Dog. A robin is not the same as an Eagle, etc.

The same is true of humans. Human "breeds" are just as easy to differentiate. But, unlike animals, there are no "mixes". A person will be the body type of ONE of the parents, not a combination of both. There are no human mongrels.


I am classifying Body Types here by names of planets. Body Types have no relationship to planets and it would be a mistake to try to draw parallels or similarities. Planet names are used here because they do
not relate to anything. However, some terminology is needed to communicate about them. These names are better than calling them "type 1", "type 2", etc. because I have found that enumeration for defining a thing is detrimental to the learning process. Words just work better.

The Progression

For convienience, we will define the passive body types then the active ones. Passive types let the world act on them and active types try to control their environments and others around them. Passive types also try to control but in a passive-agressive way.

Body types evolve in a particular fashion. Jovial evolves into Lunar. Lunar into Venusian. Venusian into Mercurial. Murcurial into Saturn. Saturn into Mars and Mars into Jovial. In the scheme of things, a person might be part of the way into the next type. Thus, a person might be Jovial-Lunar, Lunar-Venusian, Venusian-Mercurial, Murcurial-Saturn, Saturn-Mars or Mars-Jovial.

Solar is one type that can combine with any of the "Main" types. There can be a Solar-Jovial, Solar-Jovial-Lunar, etc.


If you find yourself looking for 100% all-the-time-true precepts, you will probably be dissapointed. The only "all-the-time-true" statement I have ever heard is: "You are born, then you die". Everything else has exceptions. Keep in mind that exceptions are just that, EXCEPTIONS. In other words, exceptions do not disprove something but rather point out the rule.

The descriptions below are general but, as there must be somewhere to start, beginning with generalities then moving deeper is one way to learn. In-depth descriptions will follow.

The physical characteristics of the types (click the link for a pictorial view)

Jovial (Positive, Passive, Heavy, Rotund, Medium Brown to Light Brown Wavy Hair)

The Jovial body type is often gregarious and outgoing. It might be hard to realize this as a passive body type, but Jovials usually do not actively try to control others or their environment. They tend to like alcohol, food, sex, a lot of friends, and parties.

Jovials care how many people like them and they may be the most likable type. They often have loud voices that draw attention to themselves.

Russia is a Jovial country.

Lunar (Negative, Passive, Light to Medium Weight, Lithe, Mousy Fine Hair Usually Light Brown)

The Lunar body type is often quiet and reserved. When confronted by an active type who is trying to control a Lunar, the Lunar will usually resist with a subborn resolve.
Mars is often defined as the "Irresistable force". Lunars can be thought of as "The Immovable Object". Clashes between Mars types and Lunar types most often result in an impasse.

Finland is a Lunar country.

Venusian (Positive, Passive, Pear shaped body or head, Full Straight or Wavy Hair Usually Brown)

Venusians are so passive, they are almost always seen in the company of an active type. Frequently, one of the parents is a "Mars" type and if that is true, they often have a ruddy complexion. When one of the parents is not a "Mars" type, the complexion will be smooth and fair. Their bodies or heads are often pear shaped.

Mexico is a Venusian country.

Mercury (Negative, Active, Thin, Lithe, Wavy to Tight Kinky Hair Usually Black)

Mercurials are "me - centered". They like attention and usually get it because they are one of the most beautiful types. They are good actors who project a personality that is almost never who they really are. Almost never heavy but when they are, they lose the weight more easily than other types.

France is a Mercurial country.

Saturn (Positive, Active, Often Tall, Medium to Heavy bodies, Thin, Lumbering if heavy, Straight Hair Usually Black or Brown)

Saturns are often a bit like trees. Straight tall and stalky. Gentle giants. They are not the loudest voice in the crowd but their height and dominant presence usually bring levity to circumstances. They tend to be in positions of authority mostly because of their size and managerial look, not necessarily because of ability.

Saturns and Lunars are the two body types that persevere to the end of a project and rarely abandon a goal. Lunars out of a stubborn need not to fail and Saturns out of a need to succeed.

Saturns usually have the ability to be the "team" leader. Others fall in line to follow their directions.

The United States is a Saturn country.

Mars (Negative, Active, Muscular, Forceful, Red or Blonde Curly Hair, Ruddy Compelxion)

A lot of boxers are Mars types. Solar often combines with Mars to produce unusually aggresive beautiful people.

Ireland is a Mars country.

Solar (Positive, Active, Thin, Porcelin Skin, Naiive, Straight Fine Light Blonde or Unusually Colored Hair. Can be Red, Intense Black or Albino Hair, Translucent Fair Skin). Wide set wide eyes are common.

Solars are unusually well proportioned and thought of as the most beautiful of the types. When combined with any other type, they impart beauty and refined features.

Poland is a Solar country.


Type Chart and Progression

Maximum Attraction Chart

Solar Combination Chart

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