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Every person is born with an essential body type type, chief negative feature, center of gravity and an alchemy passed on by one's parents in your dna. At an appropriate time in devleopment, a false personality is "constructed" to protect the vulnerable essence. False personality is the translucent shield that filters all experiences, categorizes them and files them into manageable compartments. Those sum of memories is who we think we are.

As you read about these concepts, you will be assessing the statements through your compartmentalized experiences, looking for similarities or analogies to things you have previously determined to fit into a category. Even if you have encountered these exact concepts and have "studied" them, keep your mind and your eyes open because while most of the things that will be presented here have been passed down for generations but, some of the observations have never been presented anywhere before.

Yes, there is a history of these precepts. but for me and you, "history" will begin the first time you see and begin to understand for yourself.
I took a geology class in college and now I can no longer just look at mountains, gorges or landscapes for their simple or awesome splendor that was always there. Now, I always see the strata and appreciate the history and the tremendous forces it took to make this scene as well as the beauty of it.

Body types are like that. Once you see them you begin to realize the differences between yourself and others and appreciate how complex a machine mankind as a whole is and always was.

I think most people begining this learning soon think one body type, alchemy or center of gravity is better than another and they wish to be or to become someone they are not. I think the ultimate goal of this material is to ultimately know yourself and how the human "being" you are works or fails in certain circumstances. This "action" allows you to become more than you were.

As a side benefit, it will allow you to better relate to those around you and do it in an entirely different way than you have in the past and give you confidence in your ability to relate to others in a compatible way.

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