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last update: 11-01-11 at 11:15am (gold alchemy update)

One's Alchemy relates to a level of refinement. It often, but not necessarily is connected to level of income. A person of any alchemy would be uncomfortable in the presence of a person or environment of any other.

Gold alchemy people tend to have clean, neat living quarters with substantial, often expensive homes and furnishings. These people care about cleanliness and decorum. They tend to like things made of gold or natural components. Their clothing is usually refined, not flashy and made of natural fibers. Gold alchemy people are usually better educated than the other alchemies. They usually exhibit much less negativity than other alchemies even if they are a negative body type.

Silver alchemy people tend to like silver rather than gold. It is common to see silver and Turquoise jewelry on these people. Their furnishings and clothing tend to be less expensive that those of gold alchemy people. People of this alchemy like to wear synthetic fibers and more intense colors than gold alchemy people of the same body type.

Copper alchemy usually associates with copper utensils and jewelry. Their homes are often in poorer neighborhoods and their language is often rough and vulgar. Sometimes people of this alchemy wear large amounts of gold to show a higher level of income than their neighbors but it is just for show. The colors they wear are often loud, mismatched and unwashed. Copper alchemy people often drive pickups instead of cars and either is often dented and rusting. Run down house trailers with trash in the yard and defunct vehicles in the yard are a common scene. They tend to have many children, several dogs and have low, to no incomes.

Plastic alchemy people love plastic items. They are the ones who have plastic seat covers in their vehicles, plastic runners on their carpets, plastic covering their plastic fuirniture. They will wear second hand clothing just because it costs less, not because they could not afford it. And they prefer synthetic everything including food and clothing. Their lives and living quarters are usually Spartan.




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