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Chief Feature is the main negative characteristic of a person. Even though there is one particular feature called the "chief feature", most people have several.

Some of the common features are: Vanity, Stubbornness, Non-Existence, Power, Dominance, Greed, Avarice, Glutony, Tramp, Fear and Self-Pity.

Most of the features are self-evident but Non-Existence means these people tend to not voice their opinions, wants or desires. They live through others and almot always have active type friends or relationship partners.

Tramp does not value things. A tramp house will usually be messy, dishes unwashed, not on time paying debts, changes jobs often because they were not understood, appreciated or they just got bored with it. Tramps usually change friends and partners often.

There are certain features often associated with particular body types.
Lunar: Stubbornness, Vanity and Tramp.

Venusuian: Non-Existence, Vanity, and Tramp

Mercurial: Vanity, Power and Tramp.

Saturn: Dominance, Greed, Vanity and Tramp.

Mars: Power, Fear, Self-Pity and Tramp

Jovial: Glutony, Greed, Power, Vanity and Tramp

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